How to Become A Local Sponsor

    Thanks for considering sponsorship of Local Shorts and Story Magazine.  Local Shorts is a non-profit organization, so your sponsorship can be a tax write-off.  For the past four years at The Lobo Theater we have held Local Shorts movie festival.  "Albuquerque's friendliest movie festival" accepts entries from a wide range of movies to encourage local "voice".  Your sponsorship provides the show on the big screen, and 100% of the proceeds after expenses go to "Story Magazine", a bilingual picture-book magazine which gives voice to young authors, and free reading material in Spanish and English.  Last year nearly 500 full-color copies of Story Magazine were given to the APS Homeless Project, which were used over and again for tutorial purposes.   For more information please email Jeff or call 262-0236. 

Sponsorship can include goods/services as well as monetary exchange.  All sponsors receive 2 complimentary tickets.

“Grip” Sponsorship:
Advertise or create coupons for your place of business
in the Local Shorts program distributed at the event.
$30.00 = 3”x 2” or 2”x 3”
“Special Effects” Sponsorship:
Linked or unlinked web logos to run on
to run from week of purchase to December 31 of this year.
“Supporting Actor/Actress” Sponsorship:
Your ad on the big screen, and linked or unlinked web logos as per the “Special Effects” Sponsorship.
For the big screen: a 10 second still promotion of your business to appear minimum of 3 times prior to the start of each of four sessions.
“Producer” Sponsorship:
Includes all of the above and your logo on the event T-shirts:

“Screenplay” Sponsorship:
Includes all of the above and we'll walk your dog, or something. 
$500.00 or more

You may, of course,  sponsor any amount.