Local Shorts 7

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Session 2    7:10 pm (ish)  Friday, July 31st

by Ashley Ottman duration: 16:50
Zombies break loose in surburbia.

Hell is For Squirrels
by Moobert Productions duration: 4:58
Squirrels are bad.  Real bad.  They are out to get us all.

MacScottish Play by Jeff Hudson duration: 10:00
MacBeth is reduced to 10 minutes and acted out by a high school Senior English Class as their final.

Smiley Riley
by Amigo Productions duration: 4:36
An escaped convict wreaks havoc for the APD.

Drive By Shakespeare: Juliette episode #3
by Rudy Miera duration: 14:55
Actress Sarah McCollum contributes her interpretation of William Shakespeare's "Juliett" in this mini-documentary with commentary by local artists, celebrities, and community people.

Hard Market
by George Thomas duration: 8:00
A real estate agent is showing a house to potential buyers, when the former owner shows up- and is not alone.

by Matt Stanasolovich duration: 8:00
A non-linear cat and mouse tale of a detective chasing down a serial killer.

by Paul Meyer duration: 24:10 MeyerBrosFilms.com
Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll in the twilight zone.

Betrayal of Trust
by Robert Hagan duration: 15:00
This documentary is the story of Taos businessman Henry Rivera, whose 2006 conviction resulted in the longest prison sentence ever imposed for a white-collar crime in New Mexico.

The Calm Before
by Dirty Egg Productions duration: 7:42
Two Joggers stumble onto a terrible secret...

Museum Peace by Jeff Hudson duration: 5:00
Dueling Anthropologists fighting over a find in the 1920's American Southwest.

Awards Ceremony/Reception catered by Zinc following session 2 at 9 pm (ish)  in the lobby of The Lobo