Local Shorts 7

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Session 1    5:30 pm  Friday, July 31st

TyeDye Ocean
by Michelle Fox duration:  4:16   Other Festivals:  Vid Kids at Monte Vista
A music video to AC/DC Music Ain't Noise Pollution acted and produced by students of Monte Vista Elementary school.

Mustang Magic by Scott & Paula Merrow
duration:  3:00  Other Festivals:  Filmaka.com; Mustang Stories Contest

Miguel wants a brand new Ford Mustang, but, well, he's only ten.  So his Grandpa tells him the story of how he got his first Mustang--by magic!  And, it's also a good idea to study your driver's training manual. 

The real story of Casey Jones
by Karen Cunningham duration:  9:31
Old fashioned silent movie featuring toe tappin' railroad music, a train wreck, romance and fast railroad action with a twist.

Escape from 4th Period
by Jeff Hudson duration:  12:00
The Great Escape meets The Warriors- when an entire class escapes, its getting back that is hard.

Baby Beethoven by James Sheng duration:  00:32
Charlie plays the piano after one day of piano lesson.

Saving All My Blue
by Moobert Productions duration: 3:31 MoobertProductions.com
Local singer/songwriter John Skinner, records his first single.

Drive By Shakespeare: Lady MacBeth (episode #5)
by Rudy Miera duration:  14:53 
Dramatic excerpts from this tragic play are featured in episode #5 from the "Drive-By Shakespeare" series.  Joan Findley Perls fill the role of Lady Macbeth passionately and local experts and celebrities contribute commentary.

by Amigo Productions duration:  3:31
Anything to escape work.

Our Friend Smith by Moobert Productions duration:  6:18 MoobertProductions.com
An introduction for a documentary.

by Rudy Miera duration: 5:22
The Kalpulli EHECATL local Aztec Dance Group, led by Paz is featured in a variety of ceremonial/presentational contexts.  The dynamic music was scored and performed by local composer Melyssa E. Garland.

Baby Van Gogh
by James Sheng duration:  00:45
Charlie paints after just one painting class.

Jewish Cowboy by Brent Morris duration: 4:22
A man speaks horse on Gold Avenue.

The Best
by Amigo Productions duration: 2:18
A girl tries to impress her crush at a baseball game.  Hilarity ensues.

Bisti Dreaming
by Denise Trochei duration: 7:30   stillreelproductions.com
Barren and unworldly, with a wandering black moon in an ocher sky, the Bisti dreams of elemental spirits who transform its desolate tundra into a place of beauty.  These dancing divas clothe the frozen badlands in greens, purples and scorched reds, filling the sky with sapphire blue.  Although all dreams must eventually end, the possibility of perfection has been awakened.

Redemption by Golf
by Moobert Productions duration: 6:43 MoobertProductions.com
Jim and John turn to sports for deliverance from meaningless lives.

by Dennis Aig/Carl Thiel produced by Sapo de Oro
duration: 4:30 Other Festivals:  Winner- Park City Film Music Festival 2009
Facebook: Sapo de Oro

New Mexico filmed video of the Austin Latin Band (Del Castillo).  Produced, created, and written by Martina Amende/Sapo de Oro.

Under the Cottonwood Tree: The Curandero's Susto
 by Paul Meyer duration: 2:10   MeyerBrosFilms.com
In this enchanting, Wizard of Oz-like Hispanic flavored fable, a young boy embarks on a perilous adventure in order to save his little brother and help an evil witch find her true self.

Do Not Disturb
by Brian Lucero duration: 8:21 Other Festivals: The DoorPost Film Festival
Brian Hernandez, distraught at the failed attempt to care for his brother with special needs, seeks forgiveness and receives an unforgettable response.

by Amigo Productions duration: 2:41
Two kids wage an intense battle for their new toy.

by Robert Fox duration:  5:37  Other Festivals:  Vid Kids at Monte Vista
Written, acted and produced by the kids at Monte Vista Elementary school- Someone is trying to blow up the school...Will the FBI find the culprit in time to save the school?